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APSAMS is an integrated Academic Management System and comprehensive tool for students/parents, administrators at colleges & Government as well, to overcome the challenges in the process of college admissions and post admission processes. The entire college admission process was proposed to be digitized in APSAMS starting from Application, Selection, and Intimation & Admission. For hardware & connectivity architecture, a Hub & Spoke model was conceived.

Web-enabling of the entire database was done with a drill-down approach designed for citizen information, planning decision support by CCE. The same is now available on the website of Higher Education Department (DHE) at Apart from the reports, a student is able to track his/her admission status, college wise intimation lists, roll number after admission and a plethora of other student related services after admission, through the website itself. The administrators of the system can update student information at the back-end of the web portal, enabling updated information about the department and each of the colleges. This approach goes a long way in imbibing transparency and increasing the efficiency of the College and thereby helping them to provide better services to students. Not only the service provided to students has become easy and quick but also APSAMS has reduced the repetitive work load of the college staff to a large extent.

APSAMS in its developed form was to have two components, i.e., e-Admission & e-Administration. APSAMS provides a transparent, flawless and uniform platform for college admissions consuming lesser time through e-Admission and several services to students in the colleges through e-Administration after admissions are completed. APSAMS has a comprehensive reach across the entire state of AP and its gamut covers all Degree /Autonomous (+3) colleges of Government and Aided & area of location.

e-Admission of APSAMS enabled students to apply online through one Common Application Form (CAF) for all intended colleges, take a printout, sign it and submit with relevant documents at the college while admission. It allows students to apply through one Common Application Form (CAF) for all APSAMS colleges, digitize the same & upload to a central database, receive intimation through several modes like SMS, website etc., admit the selected applicants and update their status in the central database.

e-Administration uses the database created by e-Admission to manage the student information by accepting adding, modifying or removing information about students and generating reports. It captures the fee details, marks scored in tests, class timetable and previous education qualification etc. It is integrated for student, parents and faculties who can share this vital information within each other.

The salient features of this ICT solution are as follows:
  • Single window admission and college administration system.

  • Common Application Form (CAF) for all colleges.

  • SMS alert to applicants/students at each instance.

  • Applicants can check their application status post submission of their CAFs & before the merit list is published, at any point of time.

  • After publication of merit list students can compare their selection status with that of others.

  • Centralized selection for all colleges (Optional).

  • Flexibility to accommodate any customization as per the requirement of HE Dept..

  • Opportunity to students to go for higher choice of colleges / options